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So, you're thinking about buying a commercial cleaning franchise? If you've considered Jan-Pro, Jani-King, Coverall, Anago, Vanguard, Jantize, CleanNetUSA, Service Master, or any of the others that I may have missed, you're in the right place! I don't work for any of the named companies (as of this article), so I have no incentive to be biased. I am; however, a current unit franchise owner with one of those companies and I have done business with a few others, so that allows me to provide you with first hand knowledge.

First, let's start with the pros and cons of buying a commercial cleaning franchise from one of these companies. I've made a video about this to make it easy for you. Take a listen.



Okay, so judging from that video, you may think that I'm only pro-franchises and that I'm biased because I'm a franchise owner myself. Well, that couldn't be further from the truth. To prove this to you, I want to give you 5 reasons why you should NOT buy a cleaning franchise. Check this video out.


Now that you understand a couple pros and cons about this industry and you know that I'm not biased, let's talk about which company is the best to buy in with if you are still interested in buying in. There are plenty to chose from, but as a business person or aspiring business person, you want to only buy from the best. I made this video to help you with that.


So, you have the pros and cons. You have my top 5 reasons not to buy. And you have my opinion on which company is the best to buy from. Now, I want to expose to you how much the fees are and how much you can make with your franchise. Click here to watch my video, "Cleaning Franchises Exposed" to get that information.

Also, I've written an entire eBook on this stuff that has been my best seller on Amazon and you can get it here. It starts off by answering any questions you might have about buying in. Then, it goes deeper into showing you an actual blueprint for becoming successful in the business.

I've seen success with this stuff and I want you to be too! Why keep putting up with that job you hate if you don't have to? Oh, and if you need proof about my success, here's a little video proof for that too.

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