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This May Be Why You Feel So Stressed and Overwhelmed

You may remember a video I uploaded to my YouTube channel not to long ago entitled, "You Don't Run Your Life." In that video I spoke about how a lot of us allow other people around us to control our decisions because we care too much about the opinions of others. Well, this could be the reason why you feel so stressed and overwhelmed. It's time to let it go. Your happiness could be being held hostage by your fear of what other people might think about you. The moment you make the decision to say "f*ck it" and do things solely based on what is best for you; versus, what "they" might say, will be the moment that you feel a giant weight lift from your shoulders.

I've recently made the decision to re-commit to not caring what others think and I challenge you to join me. You are the only one who can experience your life, so why let others play such a large role in the way your life plays out? We often here the phrase "life is like a movie." If that is the case, why not become the writer, directer, and leading role in the movie. Decide how who and what you want to be; regardless, or what anybody has to say. Now, go be great!


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