Cleaning Business Starter Kit - Total Package

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1.) All of the cleaning equipment pictured to include:

  • 48 ct. 16"x16" Thick Microfiber Cloths
  • CNB All Black Commercial Backpack Vacuum or Oreck Commercial Upright Vacuum (your choice)
  • 2 ct. Commercial Grade Disinfectant 1 gal
  • 60 gal. Trash Can with Dolloy and Yellow Caddy Bag
  • Extended Duster
  • 35 qt. Rubbermaid Mop Bucket w/ Wringer
  • 1 case Toilet Bowl Cleaner
  • Commercial Clamp Style Mop Handle
  • 2 ct. Microfiber String Mop Heads
  • 8 ct. Commercial Spray Bottles 32 oz
  • Toilet Brush
  • Dustpan & Lobby Broom
  • 1000ft Walking Tape 4 Digit Sqft Measuring Wheel
  • Microfiber Wet/Dry Flat Mop 16" Frame w/ 1 wet/dry pad included

2.) Calculated Cleaning - Commercial Cleaning Bidding Program

3.) Calculated Cleaning - Residential Cleaning Bidding Program

4.) Office Cleaning Proposal Template w/ Service Agreement

5.) Account Information Form

6.) Commercial Bid Walk-through Form

7.) Residential Bid Walk-through Form

8.) Basic Customer Evaluation Form

9.) Guide to Commercial Cleaning (how to perform the services)

10.) How to Find Customers and the Closing Procedure

11.) Finding New Customers (audio)

12.) Residential Cleaning Checklist

13.) Guide For Handling Customer Complaints

14.) Employee Application Template

15.) I-9 Form

16.) W-4 Form

17.) Sample Interview Questions and Answer Key

18.) Employee Hiring Process Audio

19.) Employee/Contractor Non-Compete Agreement

20.) Video (MP4) Download "How to Start A Cleaning Business"

21.) 6 MONTHS FREE MEMBERSHIP to the private Clean Biz Network Group)


*please allow 14-20 business days for all items to ship. Most items will ship within 2-3 business days.Some items may ship seperately

*Forms will be available for download immediately after purchase. You must have Microsoft Word and Excel in order to properly view and edit the forms. Some forms are in PDF format.

*FREE shipping. No shipping outside of the U.S.



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