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Clean Biz Network was founded by AJ Simmons in October, 2018. Some may call him a mentor. Others may call him an inspiration. His kids call him "the best dad ever," while his wife Regina simply calls him AJ. Regardless of what you might call him, if you're looking to start a cleaning business, it's almost inevitable that you do call him.  AJ Simmons, who's full name is Anthony Simmons Jr., is an American entrepreneur who specializes in the commercial cleaning industry, most known for his AJ Simmons YouTube channel.

AJ got his start in the commercial cleaning industry in 2005 when he was only 17 years old working for a Jani-King Unit Franchise Owner who he called Pops. Pops inspired AJ to become a janitorial franchise owner himself and at the early age of 19, AJ bought his very own commercial cleaning franchise with Coverall Health Based Cleaning Systems. After being a "horrible business owner for 3 years," as he describes, he sold what little business he had left to focus on a barbershop he started not shortly after starting the cleaning business. The barbershop, Stylez Inc., failed and AJ went back into the job market with thoughts of quitting as an entrepreneur. 

In 2013, AJ partnered with a close friend, Ryan Eichelburger, to form a second barbershop, Pro Cuts and Styles. Though AJ wasn't a barber at all, he was intrigued by barbershops/salons because he was able to rent booths out to people who were in the trade and collect residual income. By 2014, Ryan and AJ shut down the barbershop and AJ went on to creating YouTube videos to document his journey as an entrepreneur. Shortly after creating his YouTube channel, AJ bought another cleaning franchise with Jan-Pro Cleaning Systems. The very next year he earned the "Jan-Pro Franchise Owner of the Year 2015 Honorable Mention" award. This award meant that AJ and his team ranked in the top 10 among over 10,000 other unit franchise owners with the company.

Other accolades of AJ's include his self-published ebook entitled "Is It A Scam: The Truth About Commercial Cleaning Franchises," over 1,000,000 views on his YouTube channel, hundreds of self-help digital products sold on his online store, over 400 members in his Clean Biz Network coaching group, and a host of other accomplishments.

You can follow AJ as he follows his passion of helping other fellow entrepreneurs all over the world through YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and speaking events.



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