Cleaning Business Starter Course

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1.) How to get started with your business formation (LLC, EIN Number, Business License, etc.)

2.) Where to order supplies at wholesale price

3.) Where and how to order/create marketing materials (business cards, flyers, etc.)

4.) Business templates to conduct transactions professionally

5.) How to set up and navigate your online accounting software for bookkeeping for taxes

6.) How to find customers for your business

7.) How to bid on a potential customers

8.) How to close on the potential customer, create a service agreement, and bill the customer

9.) How to hire employees and contractors

10.) How to create a system out of your business to make your income more passive

11.) Learn to set up your website

12.) Learn DROPSHIPPING to add an additional revenue source to your business

13.) Get the Clean Biz Network Certification

13.) Get access to the private Clean Biz Network Group - network with over 800 members

14.) One year FREE access to our bidding calculator Calculated Clean!



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